sylwia_about265x231Sylwia is the creator, founder and producer of Tonique Method and its fitness DVDs, as well as the lifestyle website and blog, Tonique Woman. Sylwia and her methods have been featured in numerous publications, and she has made many guest appearances on television, providing advice and tips regarding fitness, lifestyle and healthy eating. Sylwia’s mission is to empower, motivate and educate women to live healthier, fitter and more confident lives through Tonique.

Sylwia is one of the most passionate people about what she does you will ever meet. Her energy, enthusiasm and passion for life are infectious. She lives, breathes, and practices what she preaches. Sylwia is devoted to promoting self-esteem, respect, and health through a lifestyle based on fitness and proper nutrition.

Tonique was created from Sylwia’s lifelong passion for fitness and food, and Tonique Method has been developed over the years into a well-regarded and recognized fitness and lifestyle method. Tonique is a lifestyle brand targeted principally at women, which combines movement with delicious and nutritious food, fashion and desire to live your life to its fullest and fittest. Her methods require commitment and hard work, but yield proven results. She believes that you do not succeed in life by cutting corners.

Sylwia is also an extremely talented chef and advocate of natural eating, and proves that healthy food can and should taste and look great as well. She intends to share her knowledge of food and nutrition, and passion for cooking and creating recipes in her upcoming cookbook.

She has a web channel called ToniqueWoman – – where she further inspires women to live healthy, fulfilled lives. Her beliefs and method have inspired thousands of women in America and around the World. She is proud that through her method she has been able to change the lives of other women and make them feel confident and look fit and firm. focus on her passion and helping women, by truly empowering, motivating and guiding women to live better quality lives!

Sylwia was born in Warsaw, Poland. At 17 years old, she left Poland to study in Perth, Australia. There she graduated with distinction from Notre Dame University with a double major in Communications and Italian. Sylwia then worked for advertising agencies Leo Burnett and Hard Reality on Worldwide consumer brand accounts. She left advertising to work for UBS Investment Bank in London, and afterwards as a broker for Polish Government Bonds for Cantor Fitzgerald. Sylwia arrived in New York eleven years ago to continue her career in finance, but chose a different path. She quit her job to focus on her passion and helping women, by truly empowering,motivating and guiding women to live better quality lives!

She is certified by NASM with a focus on Women Studies, Fitness Nutrition and Athletes – Performance Enhancement Specialist. Sylwia is fluent in English, Polish and Italian.


Sylwia is why Tonique is different. She is authentic, charismatic and extremely passionate. Her kindness, dedication and sincerity are showcased in her popularity on blogs, and among the women who follow her fitness method and her advice on food and cooking, and regularly seek her advice on fashion. She is an advocate for every woman and delivers workouts and advice that really work, and does not ask for anything other than commitment and to believe in oneself. She inspires commitment and creates a feeling of community among the women who follow her.

Sylwia is incredibly fit with a beautifully sculpted physique, and is the living proof of the benefits of her lifestyle method. A mother of two children, she shows that being a mom doesn’t have to be the end of feeling sexy, desired and beautiful.



Sylwia’s mission is to empower women by helping them become fit, firm and confident, and to enjoy life to the fullest. She shows women that they can achieve their goals, and do things that they did not believe they could. The confidence resulting from this achievement is empowering. She inspires and motivates women who are ready to take Tonique challenge and who for once and for all, want to change the way they work out, the way they eat, and the way they view themselves.

Her approach emphasizes that a healthy lifestyle and pleasure do mix. She believes that good food is to be enjoyed, but we must make better choices to get pleasure from eating rather than feeling guilty! To get the optimal body you need to eat well and move more as they both complement each other, and both are necessary part of our lives. Your body cannot survive without food and water and becomes weak without movement!

Free yourself from trendy diets and workouts that promise nothing but failure says Sylwia. Hard work must be applied to everything we do is life in order to succeed including fitness. With Tonique, you will notice changes in the way you look, the way you feel and view yourself, and the way you will respect yourself and others. There is nothing more satisfying in life than possessing the knowledge and understanding of your body and yourself. Tonique is a method that will empower women and help to achieve the impossible…because nothing is impossible in life.


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